Full: my heart, my house, my life

Waking up to sunshine warms my heart. Knowing that my youngest daughter is in the ‘guest room’ FILLS my heart!  NOTE: I hope someday my eldest daughter comes to visit me too. {hint hint} Showing T our new home delights and excites me. We have sun-up to sun-down plans. She’ll need a vacation from this […]

❤️ 🇺🇸 #HonorTheFallen

I said a silent prayer yesterday. To honor the fallen who fought for the country I call “home.” Because of these brave, I am free. Because of their strength, belief, and conviction, I am free. I honor them. I thank them. Living in different places taught me to appreciate “home” in many ways. My “home” […]

LOVE everywhere you LOOK

From sea to shining sea….over bridges, through cities and states…meeting new people and eating new foods, I had a most excellent week in the lovely, green, warm, welcoming city of Birmingham, Alabama with my friend Mary. As Mary drove, I navigated. The stretch of highways lay between walls of rock and huge, green trees that […]