Resolutions to fruition ~ my share

In January, I resolved more and better ‘self-care.’. As an empty nester, I have my self and my husband to consider, so I must stay healthy, fit, and put-together. Resolution #9, check. Personal primping is done to our satisfaction. Now for another resolution: trips and reconnections. I am pleased to report that gets a big […]

Guitars, songs, roses & middle-aged women

Last night we saw the very talented, Grammy-winning, slim, 69-year old Rick Springfield, live on stage, from the third row. He began on time and played about a dozen different colorful guitars for two and half hours, non-stop. It looked like quite a workout. He told stories about some of the songs. He invited two […]

Photo scanning memory maker #102

Continuing with the scanning chronicle, I share yesterday’s anecdote. Filled to capacity, I carried the box of precious photos labeled and addressed to all who are represented in them, into the post office for the send-off. I arrived at noon, and by 12:34 pm, not only did I walk out of a filled-to-capacity lobby, but […]

What I’ve learned from scanning old photos #101

In order to clean and clear out our moving boxes, some with the sticker from the Mayflower Movers in 1985, yielding a smaller footprint and ease for our next move, wherever and whenever it is, we are scanning old photos and sharing them accordingly. Since my HH and I have been together since 1977, we […]

Community work: it’s a wrap!

This whole week I volunteered as part of a team to recognize and then implement ‘waste’ (time, motion, effort) in a community hospital setting. I was “fresh eyes” on the team: meaning I know nothing about the situation, the people, the process, nor the desired outcome, because I don’t work there, nor have I ever […]

Another example of community ~

This blogger is eye-ball-deep in community this week. Invited to be on a panel as “fresh eyes” for the betterment of a hospital and its procedures, I’ve met some neat people, learned a lot about the internal goings-on in a hospital, and contributed my thoughts. So happy to make a difference, I will share some […]