Happy, productive, and moved

Being happy comes from within: “It’s an inside job.” Only your thoughts can control your happiness, not an outside source. I find my heart is happiest when I’m in the company of loved ones and doing FUN things.

As our packing commences to move from St. Charles, MO to Dallas, TX, I’m reminded of trips, long-distance and in-town friends, parties, and places. Those memories fill my heart with happiness. My mother’s wedding champagne flute, from Dallas, TX, atop a shelf in our current kitchen, reminds me to love deeply, drink in life’s joys, and savor precious moments. A special chair from our Baltimore days signals the friendships and Chesapeake Bay FUN we experienced. The hand-blown glass vase brings back memories of our life in Southern California and all the faires and festivals we attended. Packing the “Mahalo for removing your shoes” tile from our Oahu home makes me smile at our adopted custom we still abide. Taking down the sequin tapestry, the kissing camel mirror, the Happy Hour sign, and the Arabic-numbered clock remind me of our life in Abu Dhabi.   These treasures will be carefully placed in boxes and then unpacked in our new Dallas apartment-home in a few weeks. I am happy about all of this. Aside from the few physical treasures, I have countless memories that I’ll keep forever.

Rather than say “good-bye” to friends, I say the Hawaiian words, “a hui hou” which means “until we meet again.” Reunions are some of my favorite trips.

According to the Dalai Lama: Not only is it the case that happy people are more willing to help others but as I generally point out, helping others is the best way to help yourself, the best way to promote your own happiness. It is you, yourself, who will receive the benefit.

Countdown from today: We move out in 18 days to head South. We’ll reunite with dear friends and family once we’re settled. I step off for my #Camino2020 in 50 days.

I love having so much in my future to live in to.



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