Of this, I know for sure:

This will be a recurring spot for things I’ve learned within the week.

  1. Nice toilet paper costs more than some foods.
  2. The first sip of coffee in the morning is like a warm embrace.
  3. Great relationships add richness to our lives.

I made two new friends this week in my biking circle of friends: Meredith and Jan. They answered an invitation post to ride with me. They are both seasoned riders, competitors, and trail experts. I’m delighted to say they are also super nice and I kept up with them: revolution for revolution.

Denise, Meredith, and Jan

Another facet to cultivating friendships is going to places to see them through someone else’s eyes. I went to the Missouri Botanical Garden yesterday and saw areas I’ve never seen in past visits. Barb’s favorite sections have become my favs too.

Denise and Barb