The art of “going-thru-tons-of-old-photos”

As the weather permits, indoor activities require care and creativity. As I mentioned in other posts, I’ve cleaned out cupboards, closets and cabinets. Now I’m tackling the boxes (yes, there are about 30) filled to the brim with photos, photo albums, slides, CDs and VCR videos. In opening the time-scented envelopes, I laugh and remember […]

Living abroad lessons

I share this blog w/ you because it’s true and great! I didn’t write it but I’m living it. Credit to Angie Castells. Muy bien escrito, Angie! 17 things that change forever when you live abroad by Angie Castells  4/06/2014 | 8:22 32 Posted in Sin clasificar I originally wrote and published this article in Spanish. As we brace ourselves to […]