What do I do?

When someone asks, “What do you do?” to me, I want to say all this: As the CHO (Chief Happiness Officer) of my family, I manage our household and spread fairy dust of happiness over everyone I meet. I write a blog, periodic articles for an international expat website, and love notes. I travel. I collect and organize photos. I cook. I’m training for a 500-mile walk that starts in 178 days. I enjoy this wonderful life I have. Sometimes, I do, sometimes I just say I’m a grateful adventurer.

I’m also the CGO: Chief Gratitude Officer. That job is more challenging because while I am most grateful for each day and the happenings in it, I strive to empower others to do the same. When you realize what you DO have, rather than what you lack, gratitude is imperative.

The sun came out today! It’s a new day for a new start. What will you create today? What do YOU do?



Here’s a little fairy dust a la Denise