How I used my time wisely:

Early in the morning, a text message arrived from our school stating the classes were canceled and school was closed, due to inclement weather. It was 20oF outside 🥶and the streets were snowy, icy, and glistening with black ice. I am most grateful for this executive/management decision.

So, I bundled up and hunkered down at home and here’s what I accomplished:

  1. walked a mile (just to get some exercise) down our street
  2. worked on and finished class homework
  3. gave myself a mani/pedi
  4. cleaned out some drawers
  5. straightened my closet
  6. laundry
  7. read a bit of my book
  8. prepared dinner (cream of zucchini soup and baked sweet potatoes)
  9. I scrolled social media feeds
  10. chatted with my sweet T (she’s off from school too)

The maxim “use your time wisely” is never lost on me.

How do you use your extra time?