Adventures of an empty nester mom

Another Search & Study Saturday

When the day is sunny and warm, I play!

The unclouded blue skies and warm temps implored me to go outside and take a hike. So I did…with my HH*.

We walked the 1-mile loop twice in Elk Fork Nature Preserve under the sun and towering trees.

After our hike, we searched for some of our favorite foreign foods and scored!!! Our luck lead us to the India Bazaar Market, the Rozana Middle Eastern Market, and the Japanese store, DAISO. Giddy, we perused the aisles and purchased the foods we craved. The Search & Study Saturday was a success.

Upon arriving home, felt accomplished and exhausted. A good day was had by all.

Explore the city to uncover hidden gems.

Stay well. Stay curious. Have FUN every day!



*HH= handsome/happy husband

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