Grateful for the voices

Last night I saw “The Donna Summer Story” at the Fabulous Fox Theatre in St. Louis. It was the story of Donna Summer’s rise from a young girl to the Queen of Disco (a title she didn’t initially love), all told through music and dance. The three women who portrayed her through the years had amazing voices that I thanked Mother Nature for giving them.

The Donna Summer Story ~ amazing talent

The voices in my head that remind me I’m 79 days away from the longest hike of my life, so far, are beckoning me to keep training, even though the streets and Trail are covered in ice and a dusting of snow. Enter cross-training!  I just reached my weight-loss goal, so the burden on my body will be manageable. I’m grateful for the voices (and the fire in my belly) that drive me.

I am grateful for the voices I hear when I share with my friends. Surrounding myself with strong, independent women has been important to me all my adult life. I reap encouragement and fortitude from friends. Studies show women need women in their lives:

Listen to and for the voices.






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