Another countdown in my life

Ten days from today my youngest daughter will “fly” the proverbial nest. She leaves our home to begin her journey in college. I have moments of bliss, pride and encouragement. I also have moments of body-shaking sobs. I know this is normal; and it’s breaking my heart. I’m proud of her and her accomplishments. I’m […]

Part of this life

Said “good-bye” to  expat friends this week. Life IS richer when surrounded by cool people. That’s part of this life. We’ve had great conversations, walks, outings, dinners, breakfasts, parties and school events together. Part of expat life is making new friends quickly and then having to say “a hui hou” ~ Hawaiian for until we […]

Weekend exploring a new city

What I learned in Bangkok, Thailand over the weekend: Happy greetings are exchanged upon entering and leaving a place, and/or in the company of a person.  The people are so friendly and generous. The food is great and as varied as the population. I ate Mexican, Thai and Spanish foods. I participated in a Thai cooking […]

Half the year to review

We’ve lived and loved half of 2015, so it’s time to reflect, restore, recharge. Here’s my review: January ~ kicked up training schedule to include sand-walking, yoga, weight training and 10,000 steps daily February ~ intense sand-walking training continues; family trip to Muscat, Oman to see Tara dance; girls’ trip to Sri Lanka March ~ […]