Happy Eclipse Day! 🌒😎

Happy Eclipse Day! I’m so excited to see this eclipse! I’m going to work with Mark so we can watch together. I have our special solar–eclipse glasses marked “ISO 12312-2″ that were gleefully distributed by our local library. We are fortunate to be in the line of the totality. There are stories in local news outlets […]

Represent and enjoy everything

In our new home, we sought out like-minded and FUN people. Last night, we experienced some of them. There was an SEC (The Southeastern Conference (SEC) is an American college athletic conference whose member institutions are located primarily in the Southernpart of the United States, WIKI) party to kick off the Fall football season. We […]

Just a walk in the woods 🍂

Yesterday I chose to walk in the woods, over a treadmill. I chose the great outdoors over the air-conditioning. I was among the tall trees, the singing cicadas, and the chirping birds, over the whir of a machine. I walked on dried leaves, exposed tree roots, sand, mud and compressed dirt, over the cadence of […]