Boo! 🎃👻👣🍬

The month complete, the cold begins, the morning is dark, and we say, “trick or treat.” This time last year we were in a different country, with different  friends, celebrating differently.  Many things have changed ~ me, for example. How has the past year changed you? Another memory floods my brain: the first time we […]

Another road trip…🚙😀🇨🇱

My little Jeep is on the road again….this time to Dallas, TX. 🇨🇱 We left promptly at 8:15 am and arrived at our destination at 6:30 pm. Good timing, especially considering the beginning of the road trip was pouring down rain!🌧 Nothing will stop me from reaching my goals: no rain, no traffic, no construction. I […]

Lovely leaves, sunny skies and good girlfriends

A drive along a country road: top down, hair blowing, radio singing and conversation continuing. That’s what I experienced yesterday.  My new friend, Mary, showed me a lovely scenic road, lined with gold, red and green trees, heading to a small town. It looked as if it stopped in time, but then I saw construction […]

Lucky day today (Friday the 13th)

I’ve always considered Friday the 13th a lucky day. I choose happiness, joy, and FUN. I look outside and see the sun peeking through the clouds. I see the construction site cleaned up every afternoon and begin early every morning. I see my weekend plans coming to fruition. I count my blessings and all the […]