Zoom went this year ☄️

One year ago… Mark and I drove from Dallas, TX to St. Charles, MO. We unpacked our belongings and prepared for our new adventure. Along the way, we made some dear friends, learned about indoor arena football, wineries, and walking through life as empty nesters. Today, we have experienced all four seasons (NOTE: I still […]

Forty Years Ago in Dallas, TX….

Do you remember where you were December 21, 1977, when The Deep, the Thriller/Action movie about the undersea adventure of a couple splashed into theaters?  I was sitting next to the “man of my dreams” from my high school, Mark Schnitzer. Yes, that was our first official date. We sat together, him watching the movie, […]

Travel teacher

Travel teaches us patience, humility, and humor-boosting powers. I feel that I got an extra lesson yesterday. After an underground fire in Atlanta (Delta’s hub) causes thousands of flights to be canceled, including ours home, Delta Airlines put us on three flights, each about 15 minutes apart and an hour in duration. At first, I was […]