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New groups, new friends

In searching for new friends in my new environment, I’m happy to say I’ve met some extraordinary people at our daughters’ school. I like the parents so much that I have participated in activities on the campus, brought dinner to the cast and crew of the musical and tomorrow I’ll find out if my run for president of the Parent Faculty Association brings me a new hat to wear. I’ll let you know next week!

When I started surfing, I joined a group of “surfing moms” yet it turned out to be nursing mothers. Then I joined a group of  women who play cards and have lunch yet as sweet and generous as they were, they all had grandchildren. Yesterday I was invited to go on a walk with five ladies who have kids the same ages as my daughters and who are in the same age range as me. I think I met some new friends!

As much as I want to share, I have to find people who want to be part of my community. I can’t give if no one will take and I can’t take if there is no one to give.

How are you doing with making new friends?



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