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How far does love reach?

I feel so loved that I want to wrap my arms around ALL of you! Thank you for reading my blogs; for posting loving, inspirational quotes and thoughts; for your place in my life. I am truly blessed!

Driving around today I realized how fortunate I am. I am healthy, happy and almost 5’4″! I can surf,  practice yoga,  drive my truck, be a great wife and have raised two teenage daughters to be fun, lovely, young ladies. I have many wonderful friends from all over the globe and have a huge, wonderful family spread out all over the USA. Even when it’s raining, I am grateful for the rainbows that follow.

Most of all, I  have a drive and ambition to be better today than I  was yesterday. Today, I challenge myself and you to do the same. Swing for the bleachers, we may hit a home run.

I must share this from my high school friend, Deborah: ♥ I love old friends and new friends, too, as they eventually become old friends. Time melts away and love is everlasting. With each passing year, I treasure them more. So grateful to find the treasures buried underneath the miles between us…I love you all. ♥

I second that!



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