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Wonderful life, isn’t it?!

Saturday, Feb 18 was an extra special day.

Tara walked across the street to pick up a few things at the mall. She loves to do that and I love her independence. Emily and I went over an  hour later for her hair appointment. I spoil our kids, admittedly, so they had coffee drinks, soft pretzels, acai bowls and lots of mommy-attention.

Tara worked on her French essay; Emily had her hair straightened (took 1.25 hours); I had my hair done ( I just couldn’t sit there watching people come and go and not partake!); and Mark finished some work as well.

Fast forward to evening: Tara left to go babysit; Emily was picked up by her boyfriend to go to his Military Ball; Mark and I dressed for our date at a tony restaurant near our home. We all had a super night!

We are so blessed with the favor of God. We have a wonderful life.

How are you acknowledging your blessing and favor?



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