June 23, 1985 Mark and I stood before 285 of our friends and family and took our wedding vows.

Fast forward 26 years:

Two Graduate degrees, four states, two mortgages,  two daughters, eleven cars, hundreds of trips, thousands of friends, thousands of books, records, photos and millions of kisses later, we are still happy, healthy and loving our life together.

I thank my parents and in-laws for being great role models. I thank our siblings for standing up for us at our wedding and being great friends now.

My Mark: He’s HOT… very HOT! He’s hysterical!!! Makes me laugh every day! He’s a precious and generous and amazing father! He’s an incredible provider. He’s amazing in the sack. He’s sensitive and caring. He has a back bone stronger than most people can imagine. He’s amazing and strong; and he’s an incredible communicator!! He’s committed more than I ever thought a man could be and he’s super sexy!

I love you, Mark Schnitzer, and wish you a very happy anniversary….always and forever.