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Just had to share this one….

Listen, Learn…then Lead. I learned that phrase from a TED talk.  Four Star General Stanley McChrystal told his story and at the end enjoyed a standing ovation.

I walked to the grocery store today and passed several interesting things. People love their kids: there are church schools, blow up pools, a beautiful high school, flowers in every color, nice cars with fancy car seats in the back and people tending to the gardens, parking areas and toys.

I love my kids too. They go to a lovely school nestled under Diamond Head with an ocean view, huge trees and delightful breezes. They are nurtured by well-educated, caring teachers and administrators. They enjoy sports, theatre, the beach, great restaurants and their new friends. We have only a short time left with our kids at home because they will graduate and matriculate to college.

When I think of  my kids I smile. They are loving, smart, talented young ladies. They have grown into cool people whom I enjoy spending time with. While they are polar opposite on most fronts, they both have a joir de vivre. I really enjoy being their mom and having them in my life.

What are you present to?



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