Today I reflect on time.

My 90-minute yoga class zoomed by this morning. I finished my errands in record time this afternoon. Then, late today I enjoyed a long phone conversation with a dear friend and it felt as if we just talked last week.

When I realize how much I accomplish in a day, I’m gratified and amazed. I fill up my day like it’s my last! I connect with friends, business associates and family via email, social networking and my trusty cell phone. I know that we all have a limited amount of time and we  must make the most of every day. My first grade teacher at Greenhill School, Mrs. Lawrence, taught, “Use your time wisely.” I’ve always remembered her quote.

I have several friends battling sicknesses now, planning funerals and seeking alternative medical treatments. I treasure my time with them, as they do with their loved ones.

Remember to share smiles, hugs and your truest self.  Of course, the old cliché Live, Love, Laugh applies too.