What a ride!

Wow, what a fun, wild weekend! We started out w/ a day off on Friday. Here in Hawaii there are several holidays honoring the royalty of the state. Friday was King Kamehameha I day. Mark was off work and he enjoyed a relaxing day and even lunch with a friend. I went to a historic home at the top of Tantalus mountain then lunch at the Contemporary Museum.

Saturday we went to the parade, a craft fair at the Mission museum, the home and garden show then a fabulous sushi dinner.

Sunday we slept in, went to a race car birthday party, then to dinner w/ newlyweds in Waikiki. The icing on this cake was the Dallas Mavericks basketball team won the NBA championship! Great for our home town.

Whew, our lives are full and we’re living rich. What a fun ride! How was your weekend?