Have you chosen wisely?

There is a distinction between a choice and a decision. A decision you must defend. A choice you make because you declare it. For example: chocolate or vanilla, choose. I choose vanilla because I choose vanilla. No defending it. It’s your choice.

I chose my husband. He loves, empowers, enlightens me and inspires me. We have been together for about 33 years. We enjoy and create our life together. We chose where to live, when to start our family and what our future will look like when our kids are grown. I choose Mark because I choose Mark. Wise choice!

I choose my friends. They fill me with joy, support and love. I choose people who I can laugh with and be myself with. I love my friends and am grateful for every one of them.

I love my family, even though I ┬ádidn’t choose them. They are the golden thread that makes me who I am and keeps us all close.

Are you choosing wisely?