Is it fun to be odd?

I think it’s fun to be odd. I mean, the one who makes others laugh, smile and think. My daughters and I walked into our elevator and there was a man in there as we got on. I  said, “good morning. I like your shirt.” He smiled. I said to my girls, “quick girls, hold him down, I like that shirt!” Everyone laughed.

One of my daughters’ friends asked for a ride home. I said, “you must come with us and be our new daughter.” She smiled. After taking her out for dinner and swimming, she seemed at ease with us. She commented, “Auntie Denise, thank you so much! You are fun.”

I love to make  people smile. If you just say, “hello” or ” enjoy your day” or “see you later” you will usually make the other person smile. More often than not, you will be greeted with a kind reply.

Here’s the “odd” part of this: I commit to post a blog on the odd days of the week. Watch for them. I  also promise to continue to be “odd” just for the sake of consistency. I’ve been like this for many years. Why change now?