Crazy ending?

I spent a lovely day with my girlz: they had hair appointments (which always means gorgeous hair on the floor of the salon) thank you Katherine & Talia; we darted into a few stores in the mall to color coordinate our scuba gear; then we headed to the beach for surfing and boogie boarding.

The ocean day was lovely for them ~ they enjoyed the boogie boards and the time they spent floating and chatting. My surf lesson did not turn out as planned: I got hit in the teeth by my board. I finished the lesson, because I’m NOT a quitter, but I was not very happy.  I will be fine and my teeth are still in my mouth. Crazy ending to a lovely day!

The ending I am grateful for is that I was hurt, not my kids. I’m grateful we were in the water and enjoying our summer. I’m grateful that I  have another lesson and I’ll get right back on the board. I will always be grateful for Mark and his graciousness, support, gentle urging me to try new things and making dinner!

The sun will  come out tomorrow….