Say it, schedule it and savor it!

I have a busy friend who I love and admire. She enjoys her college classes, remodeling her home, playing with her dogs, spending time with her husband and kids. I thoroughly enjoy spending time with her.

A few weeks ago, we spoke on the phone. We said, “let’s have lunch,” and we agreed to do so.  We both pulled out calendar (mine is Google Calendar) and we inked in a date. Today was the day! I met her at her beautiful Club overlooking the ocean and we sat and ate and chatted for two hours (the amount of time we had scheduled.) It was wonderful, empowering, delicious, humorous and very enjoyable. I savored every minute. She even brought me two plants she had rooted for our apt. At the parking lot we agreed to schedule another lunch date.

What’s your mode of staying in touch with friends?