Welcome to Hawaii tips:

Isn’t reconnoitre a funny sounding word? I think so. Well, we use it a lot when we assess a new situation.

Moving to Hawaii from Southern California became my new situation. This is now the fourth state I’ve lived in. That also means it’s the fourth state to issue me a drivers’ license. This time I wore a diamond tiara when they snapped my photo.

Here are a few of my tips if you find yourself in a new city/state/place. Reconnoitre and enjoy:

Take the city bus! I used the bus to take my daughters to & from school for the first two months we were here. I used the bus to take a circle island tour to see what’s around and where to return. The bus is  great for meeting people, I met a lovely woman and months later I had lunch w/ her. The Hawaii city bus system has won numerous accolades for service & reliability. What is the bus like in your hometown?

Bus Tips: if you have a Medicare card or are a student, the rate is less. Check with your city! If you have a bicycle or surfboard, you can click it to the front of the bus in the rack. They thought of everything.

If you have transportation, drive along the scenic routes. I drove along Diamond Head Road, the Pali Hwy and up to the North Shore. The nectar is  in the journey.

Another tip: find great restaurants and frequent them. We had our favorite places in our former neighborhoods where they knew our names. We’re establishing ourselves again. I signed up for Groupon.com and buy the specials to go to the restaurants that advertise. I have discovered several great places and have returned with guests. One of them even greets us by name!

Today we went to a restaurant and I saw a woman there who is in my yoga class! Small world!

How will you learn your neighborhood? Reconnoitre and explore.