Splish Splash!

We are in the home stretch of this first school year in Hawaii. Our daughters have enjoyed their new school, made friends, learned how to kayak, sing and act on the stage, eat new foods and sleep in a bunk bed nightly.

To kick-start the summer vacation and offer “kudos for a great school year” we signed them both up for SCUBA lessons! They begin with a two-tank dive, including lessons and formal training. Upon completion, they will earn their Open Water certification from PADI through the Kaimana Divers (www.waikikiscuba.com). I’m so proud of them…we may have a new family sport!

The next day, they have a surf lesson scheduled (www.girlswhosurf.com). They had so much fun last month, they will head out again to conquer the waves. As with most sports, surfing requires a lot of practice.

I will accompany them on the dives and surfing. I must get in on ALL the fun! Splish Splash go the Schnitzer girlz!

How will you spend your first week of summer?