April 1st

I can’t believe it’s already April….Well, I’ve enjoyed my blog…good-bye! April Fools!!! I really love the blog and thank you for reading it.

I was thinking about this because I see people start and stop things in their lives. How much time is enough? If you don’t like a food, a sport, a neck tie, a city…how much time is enough to say “enough!” and quit.

I am a firm believer in finding your passion and making it happen. I know it’s cliché, yet when you take on a challenge and see it to fruition, or at least give it one to five years, you realize many things.  I have done that several times in my career and life. You find what you like and don’t like; you meet great and not so great people along the way; you mature as a person. Changing a career, house, car, city is  a perfect way to take advantage of life.

So I invite you to try some change: order something different at your favorite restaurant. When you’re ready to buy a car, get something completely different. If you are not challenged in your job/career/education, do something different.  Wear suspenders in lieu of a tie.  Of course, if you are really unhappy, I vote for change! If you find something that is better for you and your family, then change is the best. Remember, it’s a choice and you never have to defend it. Most often better things are waiting for you on the other side of that change.

What kinds of changes are you planning?