The day after

The grand meeting Wednesday of Pinterest Mary & her husband, Dean, happened and left my heart full.  {} The huge Thursday Thanksgiving feast at Hillard & Mary’s (another Mary in my life) thoroughly exceeded my dreams. Now is Friday: cloudy, quiet, lonely…only me and leftover pie. I loved scrolling through social media to see my […]

Meeting Mary: from screen to sofa

Four years ago, Thanksgiving, while scrolling Pinterest (an online bulletin board for hobbyists, style mavens, crafters, and wordsmiths), I repeatedly “liked” some pins a woman posted of words and their meanings. She “liked” my pins too, and so it began. We sent messages back and forth thru Pinterest regarding words, places, flowers, then I found her […]

The skill of conversation

Many people enjoy the benefits and features of social media. I am one of those people. I connect with far away family and friends from different times in my life.  A big joy is having phone conversations with them, reading long hand-written letters, or, meeting in person*.   Whether meeting new friends on the world-wide-web or […]