I love when a plan, or “no plans” come together

Yesterday I was planless. That means, my calendar was open to anything with no commitments. So I sat in my fav chair, watching people, reading my delicious book, enjoying the fabulous weather in Downtown Dallas. Then, it was dinner time.

I smelled garlic and oregano on my way back home and craved pizza. An hour later, we were eating a GF pizza slathered in basil, oregano, garlic, cheeses, green olives, and mushrooms.

An hour after that, we were sitting in a grand lobby of a close-by hotel listening to an electric cello, played by a beautiful Cuban woman and an electric piano with red keys, played by a soulful Dallas man.

An hour after that, I received a text invitation to meet some friends. An hour later we were sitting at a tall table sipping adult beverages and swapping stories.

A couple of hours after that, we were walking home under the brilliant full moon, appreciating and relishing our life in our Downtown hometown.

Early in the afternoon, I had no real plan, yet the evening progressed exactly as I would have planned: filled with love, friends, music, laughter, and gratitude.

Stay well. Stay connected. Stay curious. Have FUN every day!!