Adventures of an empty nester mom

My six (6) thoughts on the 59th

In the USA, a new president and vice-president were sworn in yesterday, 20 January 2021.  Since 1789, the oath has been administered at 59 scheduled public inaugurations, by 15 chief justices, one associate justice, and one New York state judge.  I watched the inauguration and noted several things:

  • The event looked classy, colorful, meaningful, historical, and traditional.
  • Many viewpoints and philosophies exemplified style, color, beliefs, and expression.
  • Voices sang out accompanied with and without musicians.
  • The presence of humor appeared.
  • Talent and class were present.
  • Hopes and dreams and goals stood out.

These thoughts carry us all through our days and years. My hope is that we all live our best lives and always dream big.




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