Cassettes, Cavalcades, Coins

Those are some of the things I found while packing and purging.

The journey to a minimalist lifestyle takes patience, organization and commitment. I have two of three…

How fortunate I am to have so many memories, lasting friendships and Kodak moments. I’m also happy we now live in a digital age so our photos don’t take up so much room. These treasures are priceless and making their way to storage. Who else has so many cassettes and French Francs?



By AlohaDenise

I adore my family and friends, meeting new people, travel, food (Gluten-Free please), and belly-laughing. My mantra is "HAVE FUN EVERY DAY." I've lived in five US states and two foreign countries. I am grateful, blessed, and adventurous. I like to do NDBs (never done before.) I enjoy sharing my creative and crazy Empty Nester life and inspiring others to have FUN thus staying young.