Did you accomplish the mission?

Happy Flag Day!

Happy Uncle Raymond’s  Birthday!

Happy cousin Sara’s Birthday!

I went to Tara’s ortho appointment this morning ~ she’s doing beautifully! I chatted w/ a family who flew over from the Big Island just for this orthodontist.

I went surfing today ~ there were no waves. Not even the sail boats could stay out in the water. But a poor day surfing is still a great day in the water.

I went to the beach w/ my girlz ~ that was awesome. I love being with them. We all took naps under the trees.

I made dinner for my precious family and everyone had something yummy and specific for them.

I went to the hot tub tonight w/ Tara ~ I love being with her; talking and not talking.

Now as I reflect on this day, I  can honestly say my life was touched and I touched several lives. That’s the point, right? Make a difference and touch a lot of lives. Mission accomplished.

What did you accomplish today?