How is your summer so far?

Well, I have enjoyed two days of summer so far and IT’S GREAT!!! Sure,  the days were Saturday and Sunday, typically fun days for my family, but still, I was relaxed and responsive. Whatever they wanted to do, I went along willingly!

We went to the Honolulu Zoo ( for a few hours…enjoying all the animals and a treat. Mark hadn’t been there yet, so he had a great time. Our girls loved it too. I loved walking around with my family, seeing the animals and being outside. The grounds are beautiful and the animals were happy and entertaining.

Today, I shared in a birthday lunch with some new friends. We went to Mariposa in Neiman-Marcus for Tea ( . It was delicious, lovely, relaxing, enlightening and inspiring. I think birthdays like this are A-OK.

So far, summer is perfect. I am so grateful and ready for tomorrow. How about you?