Inspiration and Freedom

Mark and I  took a long walk today ~ we walked along the beach as far as we could then cut across a field to another section of beach. The waves were crashing, some people were surfing, body boarding, fishing and swimming. We saw a huge ship bringing in containers make a careful entry into the port. I am inspired by the beauty of the beach, the brilliance of the sun and the joys we share on this island. I am always inspired by Mark and his vision to bring us here.

My dad made more progress today ~ he walked 55 steps, sat in a chair and read the newspaper and said a few sentences to my mom. He is an inspiration! The plan is for him to leave the ICU and head to rehabilitation early next week.

Our girls walked to the store and the mall today ~ enjoying the sun and fresh air. The freedom they enjoy is amazing, since they never walked around in our former neighborhood. They are independent and confident as they maneuver the streets & crosswalks. They even bought their own candy for tonight’s movie! I’m super happy to take them places AND I love the freedom when they go on their own. I’m inspired by them daily.

What inspires you? What offers you freedom?