Love, food and fun

I love living in the unknown. I see that it drives some people crazy…hee hee, then we’re doing it right!  As we move on to our next adventure, Mark and I discuss the possibilities everynight. We talk about lifestyle, climate, work, days off, our kids and how much fun this whole process is.

We are now accustomed to eating at home during the week and out on the weekends. I cook most nights and some nights I start the preparations and Mark finishes the meal with his jazzy style. We embrace the local foods and the festivals created to celebrate the local delicacies.

Now, for the fun….it’s ALL fun! I throw the covers off every morning excited and grateful for a new day. I walk, explore and venture out daily. It’s all fun. My friends are so wonderful and make my heart sing.

How are you doing with these three ingredients to a great life?

For more of my adventures, including where we are moving to next month,keep reading this blog on ODD days.




2 thoughts on “Love, food and fun

  1. Marija

    Awesome!!! And I hear you about unknown driving people crazy. I could see it all around me and it’s annoying. I used to spend time trying to explain my point. Then I started all together avoiding it. I like how you have it just allow it to be… :) Love you and look forward to seeing you wherever it is :)

  2. Fatima

    Yes! Love the unknown! It is so juicy and miraculous! Well, it’s ALL miraculous and being in the unknown often feels like standing there watching things unfold so perfectly it tickles me. I guess it also takes being present to the unknown. So grateful I’m not alone in this and love reading your blog! Love and blessings to you all! :)

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