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What’s in a number?

What’s in a number? Well, there’s volume, there’s trade value, there’s tenure and height and weight. There’s also how long you’ve been visiting planet Earth. For me, I celebrated my 50th year over the weekend.

I’m reflecting on how much living I’ve done: a half of century! When I was in first grade, we watched the men on the moon. I’ve seen presidents elected, impeached, pass away, retire and live in my home town. I’ve listened to classic rock, School House rock and Rock Lobster! I’ve traveled to several islands, continents and oceans. I’ve loved so deeply, laughed so hard and cried so violently. I have friends on six continents and I live with three of the most extraordinary people on the planet.

So, what’s in a number? Life…and I’m doing it in the biggest way I know how.

I love my family and friends and my life. I’m grateful for each of the fifty years I’ve lived…and I welcome the next fifty with open arms and heart. Life is too short to be anything but happy!




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