What is your “bliss?”

I am on a “stay-cation”with my eldest daughter. We are celebrating her graduation from high school, and some much needed down time. It’s also, selfishly , some quality time together.

We are staying in a fabulous hotel about a mile from our apartment. It feels like we are on another island somewhere else.

So this has been relaxing, cathartic, rejuvenating and lux. We have laughed, eaten, read, walked, rode (details in the next paragraph), and discovered together. Sitting by the pool is ┬ánice, holding a book or napping, ….I enjoy her immensely.

I had a surprise planned for Saturday afternoon and it went off perfectly. We took Segway Hawaii’s sunset tour along the beach. It was awesome!! We saw things we rarely see from the car. After our two hour tour, we relaxed by the pool with snacks and a cold drink. Watching the sun set over the ocean with my Emily was perfect!

To appreciate life and the people in it, I believe we must get away from our daily routine and live like a tourist. See the sights…eat the unknown foods, laugh out loud and spend time with my kids. They are brilliant and I enjoy their company.

I call this weekend pure bliss.