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What’s going on?

Where I live the gas prices hover over $4.50 a gallon;  new residents are moving into our building from Japan; and I’m aware of how fast my days fly by. What’s going on?

The gas prices are soaring with no end in sight. We need the gas to get around.  Is the price higher on this island than on the mainland? Will the oil companies still ship it to us? What happens when people cannot afford the gas to get to work or school?

I’m aware that new people are moving here to escape the tragedy in Japan. I met a nice man this morning on the elevator who moved here two weeks ago. I hope his family is safe. I hope he likes his new island home. I welcomed him here and he smiled.

Why is life flashing by me? I cooked and cleaned and prepared for Passover for over a week and our Seder Monday night was lovely and fleeting. The week of Pesach is almost over! My kids are already talking about what summer activities will fill the days. To top it all off, my eldest daughter has a college fair next week to begin that journey!

Not only is  every minute special and important and fleeting, but we must add up all the minutes and make every day count! We must outwardly appreciate our friends and families, learn as much as we can each day and enjoy the gifts from mother nature. We must enjoy our journey from point A to B.

What’s going on for you?



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