Purple, people and pleased

Today as I walked through the grocery store, I picked up purple dishwashing soap, purple tissues, purple hand soap, purple room sprays. Since I was a toddler, I’ve loved anything purple. Purple makes everything wonderful.

A couple of people I spoke with made me laugh and I want to share it with you. I called a bank to request a fee credited to us.  Rick, from fraud services, said, “I can’t tell you anything, your name is not on the account.” I replied, “I am the wife of the account holder, I send in the payments, I am on the account.”  He curtly said he wouldn’t do anything for me, to which I deemed our conversation over. I was looking for the button on my computer to terminate the call and at the same time, I murmured under my breath, into my headset, “you’re a creep.” He replied, “you’re a creep too.” and disconnected the call.

Another funny man I  met was the bus driver of the red, double-decker tour bus that took us on a tour of Waikiki,  Downtown, Chinatown and Ala Moana. Our daughter’s friend is here visiting us, so I wanted to show her around. The man asked our names then repeated them every sentence, mentioning on the loud speaker, “Denise, you’ll like this…” and “Happy Birthday, Emily.” When we finished our tour, he came up to talk to us. He said he used to live in Japan but now he “drives this stupid bus!” As he was screaming at us, all I could do was hold in my laugh.

I am pleased to meet people every day and to learn more about myself and my surroundings.  I am so  grateful for the joys in my life and the pleasures they offer. How are you coloring your life?