Welcome back to the SHOW!🎭

Welcome back to the SHOW!🎭 The theatre is open!!!  Dallas is slowly opening up popular, public places and we’re delighted. We’ve been avid theatre goers for over 35 years, and we can finally enjoy live theatre here in Dallas. Last night was our first show inside an auditorium.

Clarification: we did see a live show a few weeks ago, “The Music Man” which was wonderful, in an outdoor theatre space.

Last night we entered a historic building with amazing architecture. The Kalita Humphreys Theater is a historic theater in Dallas. It is the only theater by architect Frank Lloyd Wright and one of the last completed buildings he designed. It was built in 1959 for Dallas Theater Center who still produces original productions on the revolving stage. It is said that there are no right angles in the whole building. Believe me, I looked for one!

Kalita Humphreys Theatre

Over the past year, I’ve ridden my bike and walked by this building, not knowing what it was. I’m so happy to discover it is a lovely theatre, two miles from our home, and offers wildly professional entertainment via the Uptown Players troupe. ( https://www.uptownplayers.org)

The show we thoroughly enjoyed is called, “When Pigs Fly,” and makes reference to a school teacher’s pronouncement to a student regarding his success in his career aspirations. Sadly, I can relate to that. Luckily, he and I created a future to live into that realized our dreams. Teachers should never knock down anyone’s dreams. Filled to the brim with color, extraordinary costumes, and song lyrics, this talented crew of actors and musicians entertained the packed auditorium for two hours.

We’re back to our regular date night outings, thank goodness! I bought tickets for two more shows in this year’s series.

Life in Dallas is beginning again and I’m grateful.

Stay well. Stay curious. Have FUN every day!!



Mom joined us at the theatre


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