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A high city view

I was treated to a lovely high city view of our street and here it is:

One is of the original Busch office (read Aneheiser-Busch) and the other is the Joule hotel with a rooftop clear infinity pool. The Joule is a revitalized 1920s neo-Gothic landmark building set in the heart of Dallas’ central business district. With dramatic art installations, unique retail boutiques, a world-class spa, clever design, award-winning food and drinks, and some of the best service in town, The Joule is seen as the cultural epicenter of downtown.

Adolphus Busch developed this 17-story office building to serve as an office and retail supplement to his nearby Adolphus Hotel, which had been completed a year earlier. A significant example of terra cotta construction, the Busch building was one of the first Gothic-Revival style office towers in the nation.​

The building with the red horse is now the Magnolia Hotel. The Pegasus sign was built in 1934 and sat on top of the Magnolia Building for the Magnolia Oil Company.  Sitting at 450 feet, it was said it could be seen by pilots as far away as Waco.

I love to imagine what stories those buildings’ walls could tell. Who was in them? What interesting facts lie in their rooms?

Some of these old buildings in Downtown Dallas have historical markers and Dallas Landmark plaques on them. They’ve stood tall and proud through time. The architects were geniuses.

What gems can I discover next?  Seek and find.

Stay well. Stay healthy. Stay positive. Stay curious.



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