Being human has many facets

I’m a happy person. I forget some stuff. I love people. I enjoy spending time with my friends. I delight in meeting new people. I’m human and that comes with many facets.

When an invitation comes my way, my immediate reply is, “Yes!” Then I check the calendar.

Yesterday’s afternoon walk with my friend Beth reminded me of these attributes: I had forgotten an invitation I had made to her. I re-invited her and she gently reminded me that I extended the invitation in March!! As we walked, we exchanged life stories, equally listening to and sharing details; I accepted a dinner invite, then made sure my HH and I were available. Sometimes my brain works fast and sometimes it’s off. A wise boss once told me, “If it’s not written, it’s not true.” I must write down all invitations. Another mentor of mine told me, “A short list is better than a long memory.”

Friends love friends through it all.

We all have lots going on: work, home life, friends, family, and ‘me’ time. However I/you spend my/your moments, make them count. No matter what came up last year or yesterday, be present today.

I’m feeling especially philosophical today and I’m most grateful for my friends and the headspace they allow me to be in when we’re together. I love planning more FUN times and making more FUN memories.

Stay well. Stay curious. Have FUN every day!!