Focused or uptight?

Am I focused or uptight?

I’m compelled to exercise daily: I ride my bike every other day, and walk long distances every other day. I’m focused on staying healthy and keeping up my energy level. I do not beat myself up if I miss a day. “The sun will come out tomorrow.”

I’m focused on writing this Blog every odd day. I’ve written consistently since 2011 and I consider it a journal/lesson plan/blueprint of types.

I’m determined to create delicious, healthy, innovative (for me) meals for my family at dinnertime. I’m much more relaxed in the kitchen than years prior, so I remain optimistic my culinary concoctions will please my two-person audience.

I celebrate myself for reaching my goals and my ‘victories.’

My affirmations:

  • I love being healthy!
  • I love when my Vision Board becomes reality.
  • I love to feel energized!
  • I love finding new things to do daily.
  • I love that I follow-through on my goals.
  • I love to do NDBs.
  • I love that my 35-year marriage is strong and healthy.
  • I love that my daughters love and communicate with me.
  • I love that I have extraordinary friends.

I am focused.

How does this land on you? Are you focused or uptight?

Stay well. Stay healthy. Stay positive.




By AlohaDenise

I adore my family and friends, meeting new people, travel, food (Gluten-Free please), and belly-laughing. My mantra is "HAVE FUN EVERY DAY." I've lived in five US states and two foreign countries. I am grateful, blessed, and adventurous. I like to do NDBs (never done before.) I enjoy sharing my creative and crazy Empty Nester life and inspiring others to have FUN thus staying young.