Live music in an extraordinary display

BBs Jazz, Blues, and Soups surely inspired and WOWed me.

This old row house looking building on the corner of a busy downtown street, surrounded by stadiums, pubs, and office buildings is home to live music and wonderful food. Sitting close but far enough away from the 5′-tall speakers, we had an excellent view of the 20-year veteran singer Kim Massey. I hadn’t heard of her before last night, but I know her now and I’m her newest fan.

This woman, and her fantastically talented (play it by ear) band, played non-stop for three hours! She sang blues, jazz, rock & roll, and even a country song. This great-grandma sings live three nights a week to audiences who know her and love her. She doesn’t appear to show signs of slowing down: the audience love she heard most likely energized her to keep singing.

I love the extraordinary display of musical talent, and luckily there are places like this to experience it.

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Kim Massey
the piano man
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