More life-long FRAMILY (friends who we choose as our family) reconnections

FRAMILY: definition ~ friends who we choose as our family. A word I’ve come to hold near to my heart. As I move around the world, I am grateful, honored, and happy to say I’ve made some extraordinary friends. Those who stay in touch with me fill my heart. When we reconnect, either via social media or in person, my mantras, “Have FUN every day” and “People are faces until they’re your friends” are proven.

Last night, my HH and I enjoyed an evening of BBQ and music with our life-long friend Julie and her drummer husband, Rob. We ate, chatted, and clapped to the wonderful tunes. I also reconnected with several girls I knew in my early youth and high school. That’s a perk of returning to my hometown.

I’m delighted to use social media to re-establish old friendships, Julie, Wendy, Judith Ann, as well as create new ones, shout out to Cecilia.