My short, meaningful thankful list

I’m sharing the things I’m grateful for today:

  1. My mom (and her friend) joined us for a Thanksgiving lunch. We laughed and ate and it was good. (see Nov.25 post for photos)
  2. I reunioned with a friend who was in Dallas for the holiday. We met up and chatted for 2.5 lively hours.
  3. Our daughter came over yesterday (she lives in a nearby city) to spend the day and evening with us. We shopped (Black Friday must-do), ate, laughed, danced, and talked story.
  4. Our eldest daughter video-chatted with us! She lives on Oahu and I miss her greatly.
  5. My HH baked another pie from scratch: a peach/cherry pie with a flakey crust I can eat right out of the pan!
  6. The sun came out this morning…no rain!  We have 47ºF, clear blue skies, and little to no wind.

I’m very thankful for all these things. Little things matter!

How are you doing with your thankful list?