Spin it 180 degrees.

On Sunday Mark and I walked to the beach with Tara. It was about three in the afternoon. We live about a block from the ocean and it’s totally an easy walk. I said, “where’s the sun?” because the clouds blocked out the sunshine. Mark replied, “why can’t you say, ‘this is so great; we can walk to the beach.'” He is so right! I looked on the wrong side of the situation.  So, spin that 180 degrees and I can say, “We’re going to the beach and it’s not too sunny!”

I went to yoga class this morning. I am accustomed to once the class starts, no one else can enter. Today, four people came in between 5 and 15 minutes AFTER class started. At first I thought, “oy, how rude to the teacher and how distracting to the other yogis.” Then I realized,  I was 5 minutes late last week and it couldn’t be prevented. So, today I spun my thoughts 180 degrees and chose to think those ladies must have had something come up to keep them from arriving on time. After all, we love every minute of the 90 minute class!

Mark likes to walk through the grocery store just looking at all the stuff.  I want to get in and get out. The other day he was meandering in the aisles and I became impatient. Then I spun 180 degrees and thought, I’m with my sweetie, we’re not in a hurry, he is very happy so I relaxed and enjoyed our time together.

How can you spin it 180 degrees and turn an unpleasant thought or situation into a positive, happy one?