The road NOT less traveled…

Today is one of our long drive days. Our destination is five-hour’s drive from our starting point. We are happily traveling on Hwy 40. We have seen National Parks: The Painted Desert and the Petrified Forest, in Arizona. We’ve driven on two-lane roads that stretch out for miles and miles. On either side of the road I can see golden grasses, an occasional cow or horse, lots of small, unmanicured trees and abandoned buildings.

As we maintain our speed (thank you, cruise control) we are passing cars, other pick-up trucks and 18-wheelers. There are a lot of travelers on this road..perhaps doing the same adventure we are!

Let me say something about our accommodations: Mark masterfully scored excellent places using and

The golden-yellow trees line the horizon and the sunshine warms my skin (I’m in the passenger seat as of this writing.) We’ve been from 7000 feet elevation to 5600 feet. The landscape is as different as the places we’ve visited.

The landscape has changed, as we drive into the sunset. Passing along rock walls, green hills and lush trees, we are now on US-HWY 60. What I’ve learned is there is beauty all around; you just have to drive a bit and enjoy it.

In one day we drove through Navajo, Hopi and Apache Indian reservations.

Thank you, adventurers of yesteryear! We’re enjoying the roads you traveled years ago that have afforded us this opportunity to travel today.

Are you enjoying your drives?