College already?

Wow, how did 17 years fly by so fast? Our eldest daughter, Emily, is a junior in high school and today she and I attended the local National College Fair. Among the 150 colleges and universities represented, she chose to talk to the representatives from the California schools.  She zoomed past the schools with cold winters, 12+ hour plane flights from here, too large or too small and military schools. Hmmmm, that does narrow it down some.

She walked past my father and in-laws’ alma mater, SMU. My alma mater, Texas A&M University was not represented, nor was Mark’s alma mater, Washington University in St. Louis. She said she didn’t want to go to Texas or Missouri, so that settled that!

When the attentive hosts asked her what does she want to major in,  she answered them clearly and directly. She looked everyone in the eyes, spoke confidently and asked great questions. I’m so proud of Emily!

I’m delighted with my daughters and love them more everyday. I love who they have become. Emily is a bright, talented, engaging young lady. She will do well where ever she chooses to continue her education. It’s already that time!

What are your thoughts about our kids growing up and moving out? I wish you a successful college journey!