My youngest turns 16

Our daughter turns 16 on the 16th, her Golden Birthday, and I have so much emotion around it. I’m very happy to celebrate her yet wondering how this time has zoomed by.

We began her celebration with apple pie in her hui (homeroom) on Friday. Then Saturday night she and her school friends entered a white stretch limo to the Kewalos dock where they boarded the Kahala Kai catamaran. We went out into the ocean, parallel to Waikiki, and saw the fiery sunset AND two whales breach! What an amazing sights!

Dinner followed the sunset boat ride. Everyone came up to our apt for pizza and cake. Then as the candy and sweets engulfed everyone, the girls put on the movies and giggled into the wee hours of the morning.

The continental breakfast AND Mark’s famous Spam and egg were served. Another movie, more sweets and more fun.

I think Tara will remember this day forever… She is quite the hostess!

I am filled with love, pride and gratitude. Her friends are delightful and the moms who shared the evening with us are wonderful.

Our baby is undoubtedly growing up well. She’s charming, fun and sweet. Happy Birthday, Sweet 16!