Dallas International Market Day means tracks, food & culture!

Over the weekend, we enjoyed the Dallas International Market Day in the Dallas International District neighborhood formerly known as Valley View Mall, where I worked at Sanger-Harris in high school.

We began by boarding the DART train to the closest station (Forest Lane Station). Then, we hopped on the 22 DART bus toward our final destination, 5580 Peterson Lane. Yes, we did have to walk a bit.

Mark is checking the bus schedule…

But that walk was serendipitous because we discovered Isabel’s Guatemalan Restaurant!!!

Entering the cozy place created by the owner and his family, we sat in the comfy, blue tufted chairs to figure out what to eat. I ignorantly ordered guacamole and chips, which the classy Julio made for us. It’s not on the menu because it’s not a normal offering. I apologized for my faux pas.

Mark said we HAD to try Guatemalan food, so he ordered the bistek dish. It was delicious!!

Enjoying the hand-painted wall (reminiscent of old Guatemala, according to José, the owner), the other lively patrons, the music, and our serene seating area, we finished our ‘snack’ and readied ourselves for the next stop.

The Market was wonderful: singing, dancing, food trucks, vendors, community programs, and macarons! Seeing our friend and city councilperson Jaynie Schultz was the best part!

Jaynie Schultz and Denise Schnitzer

This is an excellent event to showcase beautiful people, cultures, and foods.

Our final stop was for sushi because no International Day should be without a salmon skin roll made by the fabulous Terry at Sushi Ya.

Cheers to the people and places of the world!