Pickles are increasing in popularity…

Last weekend there was Pickle Palooza in Mansfield, TX. I missed it. From the photos online, it looked like a pickle-perfect party. For next year: (pickleparade.org)

As mentioned in prior posts, I love playing pickleball. The game began in 1965; the name originated from a dog’s name, and the game is played on a smaller court than tennis and with a whiffle-type ball. There are no pickles within this game. Check out pickleball on wiki to see all the details.

AFTER the parades and games, I challenge, invite, and welcome a pickle martini, my newest fav. In a shaker with ice, pour your fav pickle juice (mine is Dietz & Watson from Tom Thumb), then vodka. Shake horizontally and vigorously. Pour into your martini glass and voilá!

I’m always happy to offer helpful hints, tips, and tricks for your life pleasure. I’ll return in two days. Enjoy the day.