Adventures of an empty nester mom

Keep moving forward

Whoo-hoo…It’s April!

Spring, flowers, sunshine, BBQs….oh, wait. I’m quarantined inside my apartment without opening windows or a lanai. Well, I’m makin’ lemonade…

  • I’ll look out the window.
  • I’ll scroll pictures of flowers on Pinterest.
  • I’ll pretend grill in our perfectly calibrated oven.
  • I’ll watch movies w/ my fam and eat popcorn, just like concerts in the park or walk-in-lay-down theatre.

What I tell myself when I’m feeling discouraged:

  • This is tough, but so am I.
  • I may not be able to control this situation, but I am in charge of how I respond and act in it.
  • I haven’t figured this all out yet.
  • This challenge is here to teach me something. Good will come out of it.
  • All I need to do is take it one step at a time. Breathe. And do the next right thing. #stayhomestaysafe.
  • I am lonely, but I can organize group video parties w/ friends and family on our devices.

Be creative. Be clever. Use our resources. Stay positive.




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