Fun and new friends among the Apples

As I’ve said, and I practice, “people are faces until they are your friends.” Case in point: I met beautiful, creative, ambitious Deja as we both sat at the square wooden table inside the buzzing Apple store.

New friends Deja & Denise

Our conversation was easy, lively, and efficiently filled up our wait time for our respective geniuses.

my sad, sick computer

Tip of the day: smile and say “hello.”



The gifts you give

Giving gifts to others may include presents, our time, food, or our advice. To myself, after this recent move, I gave myself the following:

Bubbles in our new tub

Since each of the moving days, I logged over 10,000 steps & up the equivalent of 15 floors bringing over boxes, furniture, and clothes, I’m resting now. My gift to myself. From the planning and packing, to producing and preparing, this was the smoothest move ever for me. Shout out to our daughter Tara for helping!

Additionally, I send my deepest thanks, respects, and gratitude to those who have served our country and given their lives so we can be free. On this Memorial Day, the gift is our good life.

Aloha 🌺,


Bliss in the rain

As many have heard, a tornado blew through Missouri this week. We are fine! We experienced a brief, heavy rain. Now everything is calm and green. I am grateful to my friends who checked up on us.

I find bliss in the rain, mostly when it’s over. Yes, it cleans off the trees, sidewalks, and my freshly washed car; and it offers freshness to the air. I’m so happy in our new apartment home I see past the inconvenience of rain. I know the riding trail is wet, but it will be less dusty when it’s dry. I know the windows of our new place were cleaned, but now they have freckles. I know that some damage occurred ( the state capitol building), but thankfully no one was hurt.

Happy is when the rain stops and the birds sing. There’s some bliss.



I found some more joy!

I found some more joy: our new home!!!! We moved into our new home yesterday and it’s beautiful, classy, well-built (thank you, Ed & Chris), in a historic part of the same city we’ve lived in for two and a half years, and it’s quiet!

We will create new memories here; celebrate life here; entertain good friends here. This home is where joy lives. I am happy, joyful, and grateful.



Entry to our new home!

Find the joy

There is joy in everything we do, everywhere we go, and in everyone we meet. My intention is to find it. I’ll never stop looking.

For me, it’s my Mark, having my daughters around, and moving to a new, classy, spacious apartment. It’s also experiences, friends, airplane tickets, and yummies.

Asking for what I need and want is the lesson, the gift.

Find the joy in the ask.




A pretty or handsome face gets old.

A nice body changes.

A good man or woman will always be a good man or woman.

Whatever we decide to be, do, or have, make sure it always makes us happy…always.

Love yourself the way you were always meant to be.

I’ve learned some valuable lessons this week: who will always love me, how to always love myself, who my friends are, how much my dad taught me, and how strong I am.

“He has achieved success who has lived well, laughed often, and loved much.” Bessie Anderson Stanley

I am most grateful, thankful, and overwhelmed by the love of friends and family, near and far, in person and over the www. These past few days have been less than fun; full of joy and sadness. I thanked someone for coming to my dad’s funeral*, and they quipped, “… I came because I wanted to.” My heart is so full to know my family is so loved.

*It just came out of my mouth – to thank someone for being there with us.

Life goes on….the sun comes up…we move forward.



Good-bye, Dad

On this day, I say good-bye to my dad, Hank Silver. 

my Dad, Hank Silver 2019

He taught me many lessons and inspired my love for adventure.

He taught me to love watching Gene Kelly, Roger Staubach & the movie Roots.

He taught me to travel and engage with people.

He taught me to love sports, specifically baseball, football and water sports, and to always play fairly.

He taught me about cars, what’s under the hood, and how to drive (manual and automatic) in all kinds of weather.

He taught me to study hard, be myself, stay the course, keep reading and learning.

He taught me to do things I initially don’t want to; to live and love fully; and about honor.

May his memory be a blessing. As the sun sets on his nearly 84 years of life, I bid au revoir, adios, ma’a salama, ciao, a hui hou, good-bye Dad. Rest In Peace.

Denise & Hank 2019



Happy Mom’s Day 🌸

I have the honor and distinct pleasure of being “Momma” to two extraordinary young women. They are the only two people in the world to call me “Mom.” The day before Mother’s Day, 1994, our first daughter came into the world. Twenty months later, our second daughter made her debut. Every Mother’s Day is my way to celebrate them for being in my life. Emily and Tara, you are both loved for the little girls you were, the special women you are, and the precious daughters you will always be to me.

If I could give my daughters three things, it would be the confidence to always know her self worth, the strength to chase her dreams, and the ability to know how truly, deeply loved she is.

My own Mom is a strong, independent, brave, friendly, and adventurous woman. I love how she cherishes her family. She’s the matriarch of all of us sillies. After all these years, I believe my mom gave me those three things. And, she taught me it’s okay to color and live outside the lines.

I am also blessed with a terrific mother-in-law. She is generous, sweet, playful, and always has our back. For thirty-four years she’s let me call her “Mom” and she treats me like a daughter.



Exploring Washington DC

I have always been a proponent that travel IS the best educator. Yesterday was no exception as I embarked on a Metro subway ride to meet up with a private guide for a walking tour of some monumental monuments.

Korean War memorial.

Excitedly, I approached the metro station, added value to my MetroCard, found my destination on the map, boarded the train and observed all the people with headphones, newspapers, or asleep.

A hidden ‘signature’ by the artist.

Tim, Of Walk of the Town fame, guided me on a 4-hour walking tour. The anecdotal stories and tidbits he shared were fascinating. I always enjoy hearing the extras about presidents, the Victory Garden, Kilroy, cigars, the placement of statues etc.

Exploring is learning.



Me in front of the White House
I recommend Tim as a thorough, informative tour guide in Washington, DC.