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Prosperity as a mindset and a way of life

I follow and learn from a man called Randy Gage (@RandyGage) about prosperity. I’ve known him since 2009. He is a brilliant leader, teacher, author and all-round great guy. In his weekly Friday message, he offered this today:

“Here’s my weekly dispatch to you, looking at something I’m thinking about – something that I think you should be thinking about as well.  And what I’m thinking about this week is…prosperity.

But what I’m thinking the most about are the many labels and misconceptions there are about prosperity.  When you talk to people there seems to be a great deal of confusion about the distinctions between prosperity, money, wealth, and status.  I think this will make for a great discussion on my blog for next week.  But let me give you a little taste to reflect on between now and then. 

Status is a mind game for simpletons.  Status requires someone else to lose in order for you to win. 

“Money is an elegant tool.  Still, however, just a tool.  Money is a convenient way to transfer wealth, but it is not wealth. 

“Wealth is financial strength.  It could include money (fiat or crypto), real estate, companies, stocks, bonds, and other assets that produce more wealth. 

Prosperity is wealth on steroids, the holistic version of your wealth.  This includes health, relationships, spirituality, money, and material things. 

I internalized this missive, and share it because it matters. I woke up at 4:00 am, consumed with thoughts of gratitude and thanks for my husband, children, and this amazing life. This is my mindset for prosperity.

Happy Friday!



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